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Mechanical Engineering
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
2540 Dole St. - Holmes Hall 302
Honolulu HI 96822

Departmental Chair:
Mehrdad N. Ghasemi Nejhad

R e s e a r c h

Department Research Areas:

  • thermal and fluid sciences- heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, biotechnology, alternative energy conversions, sustainability, boiling and two-phase flow, combustion, multidisciplinary design and analysis optimization, and high-performance computing;

  • materials/manufacturing - nanotechnology, composite and smart structures, electrochemistry and corrosion, precision machining, and joining of dissimilar materials;

  • mechanics, systems, and controls - robotics, mechanical design, mechatronics, control systems, dynamical systems, space and ocean science & exploration, biomedical engineering, rehabilitation engineering, and renewable energy systems.

ME Faculty Research

John S. Allen, PhD, Associate Professor
Acoustics, multiphase fluid dynamics, micro-biomechanics
Dilmurat M. Azimov, PhD, Assistant Professor
Guidance and control, autonomous space systems, space flight dynamics, optimal control
Peter J. Berkelman, PhD, Associate Professor
Haptic interfaces, surgical robotics, magnetic levitation
Brian S. Bingham, PhD, Associate Professor
Controls, dynamics, robotics, autonomous systems
Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-Nejhad, PhD, Professor & Dept. Chair
Nanotechnology, composites, renewable energy, smart structures
Reza Ghorbani, PhD, Associate Professor
Renewable energy, dynamics, controls, design
Lloyd H. Hihara, PhD, Professor & Graduate Chair
Corrosion, materials, mechanical behavior of materials
Marcelo H. Kobayashi, PhD, Professor
computational fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, dynamical systems, topology optimization
Jingjing Li, PhD, Assistant Professor
Light weight materials, materials processing and manufacturing
Bruce E. Liebert, PhD, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Materials science, corrosion, failure analysis
Scott F. Miller, PhD, Associate Professor
Manufacturing, design of medical devices, tribology
Weilin Qu, PhD, Associate Professor
Boiling and two-phase flow, microscale thermofluid transport phenomena
A Zachary Trimble, PhD, Assistant Professor
Renewable energy, industrial automation, precision engineering
Yi Zuo, PhD, Associate Professor
Colloids and surfaces, lung surfactants, AFM, biomedical applications

ME Faculty Research Facilities:

  • acoustics

  • adaptive structures and devices

  • alternative energy conversions

  • autonomous systems

  • biomedical engineering

  • biotechnology

  • boiling and two-phase flow

  • combustion

  • composites manufacturing

  • computational fluid dynamics

  • control systems

  • corrosion and electrochemistry

  • mechanical design

  • dynamical systems

  • heat and mass transfer

  • high-performance computing

  • materials joining & manufacturing

  • mechatronics

  • multidisciplinary design and analysis optimization

  • nanotechnology

  • nanocomposites

  • precision machining

  • rehabilitation engineering

  • renewable energy systems

  • robotics & surgical robots

  • smart materials and intelligent structures

  • space and ocean science & exploration (UAV, UAS, AUV, etc.)

  • surface phenomena

  • sustainability

  • thermodynamics