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ME Fall 2020 Outstanding Graduating Senior (OGS) Eloise Gabrielle Maghanoy

Mechanical Engineering OGS Acceptance Speech

Hello College of Engineering faculty, staff and graduating class of Fall 2020. My name is Eloise Gabrielle Maghanoy, accepting the award for the Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Graduating Senior this semester. It’s really an honor to have been selected for this recognition with so many others deserving of this, so I would like to applaud you all as well. Congratulations as well to the Civil and Electrical Engineering OGS. And overall, congratulations to all of the COE Fall 2020 graduates. Despite not being able to have an in-person ceremony this semester, I know the excitement and relief of finally being done is more than eminent. First, I would like to thank the UH College of Engineering, the Mechanical Engineering department, and all the professors I have worked with and learned from over the years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to equip us with what we need moving forward. Especially during a time such as this, transitioning from such a hands-on major to completely online, thank you for working hard, being patient through our technical difficulties, and making learning as normal and interactive as it can be in our current situation. Next, I would like to thank my fellow graduates, especially in mechanical engineering and my senior design team, Team KEA. We’ve worked hard all of these years and we’ve done it together – struggling and helping each other out. Especially now when things seem so disconnected, thank you all for staying connected, supportive, and encouraging. To my parents and all of my family, you have been my foundation through this all. Thank you so much for encouraging me and my pursuit towards higher education. I truly couldn’t have done it without you all. And lastly, thanks and glory be to God. To my fellow graduates, let’s take all that we’ve learned over the years to make a difference and an impact as engineers. And I hope to work with you all once again someday. Thank you, and once again, congratulations.


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