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Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

PhD 1997, University of Washington



Contact Information

Phone (808) 956-9693


Research Interests

  • Acoustics
  • Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics
  • Fluid-Structure Interactions
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomaterials
  • Rheology


Selected Publications

  1. Allen, JS, Roy R, Church CC. On the role of shear viscosity in mediating inertial cavitation from short-pulse, megahertz-frequency ultrasound. IEEE-UFFC 1997; 44: 743-751.
  2. Allen, JS, Roy, R. Dynamics of gas bubbles in viscoelastic fluids. I. linear viscoelasticity. JASA 2000; 107: 3168-3178.
  3. Allen, JS, Roy R. Dynamics of gas bubbles in viscoelastic fluids. II. nonlinear viscoelasticity. JASA 2000; 108:1640-1650.
  4. Chomas, J, Dayton P, May D, Allen J, Klibanov A, Ferrara K. Optical observations of contrast agent destruction. Appl. Phys. Let. 2000;77:1056-1058.
  5. Morgan, K, Allen, J, Dayton P, Chomas, J, Ferrara, K. Theoretical and experimental evaluation of microbubble behavior: effect of the transmitted phase and bubble size. IEEE-UFFC 2000; 47:1494-1509.
  6. Chomas J, Dayton P, Allen J,Morgan K, Ferrara K. Mechanisms of contrast agent destruction. IEEE-UFFC 2001; 48:232-248.
  7. Allen JS, Kruse D, Ferrara K. Shell waves and acoustic scattering from ultrasound contrast agents. IEEE-UFFC 2001; 48:409-18.
  8. Dayton P, Chomas J, Lum A, Allen J, Linder J, Simon S, Ferrara K. Optical and acoustical dynamics of microbubble contrast agents inside neutrophils. Biophys. J. 2001; 80:1547-1556.
  9. Chomas JE, Dayton PA, Allen J, Ferrara K. Optical and acoustical detection of bubble destruction. Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Basic Principles and Clinical Applications ,2001, 2nd edition, 59-66,(Goldberg, Raichlen and Forsberg,editors),
  10. Allen J, May D, Ferrara K. Dynamics of therapeutic contrast agents. Ultra. Med. Bio. 2002; 28:805-816.
  11. May D, Allen J, Ferrara K. Ultrasound contrast agents used for localized drug delivery. IEEE-UFFC 2002; 49: 1400-1410.
  12. Dayton P, Allen J, Ferrara K. Optical observations of radiation force on microbubbles. JASA 2002; 112: 2183-2192.
  13. Hancock A, Insana M, Allen J. Microparticle column geometry in acoustic stationary fields. JASA 2003; 113:652-659.
  14. Allen J, Kruse K, Dayton P, Ferrara K. The effect of coupled oscillations on microbubble behavior. JASA 2003; 114:1678-1690.
  15. Allen JS, Rashid MM. Dynamics of a gas filled hyperelastic spherical shell in a viscous fluid. J. Appl. Mech. 2004; 71:195-200.
  16. Matsumoto Y, Allen J, Yoshizawa S, Ikeda T, Kaneko Y. Medical ultrasound with microbubbles. Exp. Therm. Fluid Science 2005; 29:255-265.
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  18. Allen JS, Kobayashi MH, Coimbra CFM, History effects on the viscous motion of acoustically forced particles. Appl. Phys. Let. 2006; 88:214106.
  19. Ikeda, T, Yoshizawa T, Tosaki M, Allen JS, Takagi S, Ohta N, Kitamura T, Matsumoto Y. Cloud cavitation control for lithotripsy using high intensity focused ultrasound. Ultra. Med. Bio. 2006; 9: 1383-1397.
  20. Ketterling, JA, Mamou J, Allen JS, Aristizabal O, Williamson R, Turnbull DH. Excitation of polymer shelled contrast agents with high frequency ultrasound. J Acoust. Soc-Am EL 2007; 121: EL48-53.
  21. Muller MW, Au WWW, Natchigall PE, Allen JS, Breese M. Phantom echo highlight amplitude and temporal difference resolution of an echolocating dolphin, Turisops truncates. JASA 2007, 122, 2255-2262
  22. Harris A, Allen JS. One, two and three phase treatments of geophysical flows. J. Geophysical Research A, 113, 2008
  23. Muller MW, Allen JS, Au WWW, Natchigall PE. Time frequency analysis of the Turisops truncates . JASA 2008, 124, 657-656.
  24. Zinin, PV. Allen JS, Acoustic Interactions of an Oscillating Bubble with a Biological Cell (in review, Physical Review E).
  25. Muller MW, Au WWW, Natchigall PE, Matching Pursuits Analysis of Turiosops truncates echolocation (submitted to JASA)
  26. Zhu M., Callahan S, Allen JS, Modeling of Pattern Formation in Cynaobacteria, (submitted to the Journal of Theoretical Biology)
  27. Ou H., Allen JS, Syrmos V. Underwater acoustic noise reduction with phase filters (submitted to JASA).


Selected Honors

  • Acoustical Society of America Fellow, 2017
  • 1986,1987 Society of Exploration Geophysics Undergraduate Scholarship
  • 1994 Office of Naval Research Acoustics Summer School Fellowship
  • 1997-1998 DAAD (Germany) Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 2001,2002 Acoustical Society of America Young Investigator Travel Award
    2003-2004 Japanese Society of the Promotion of Science (JPS) Fellowship
  • Invited Conference Presentations
  • New Ultrasound Contrast Agent Models, Ninth European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Agents, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2004.
  • Technical Modeling of Ultrasound Contrast Agents, Eighth European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Agent Imaging, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2003.
  • Ultrasound Contrast Agents: State of the Art, Fifth International Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging, Kyoto, Japan, 2003.
  • Encapsulated bubble dynamics, 144th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Cancun, Mexico, 2002.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound contrast agents, The Seventh European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging,” Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2002.
  • Modeling of ultrasound contrast agent behavior, 140th meeting of the Acoustical Society of American, Newport Beach, CA, 2000.
  • Selected Conference Presentations (out of 45)
  • J.S. Allen, P.V. Zinin. Biological cell and bubble interactions and behavior in acoustic fields. Acoustical Society of America, 153nd Meeting, Salt Lake City, 2007.
  • S.A. Bentil, T. Reed, J.S. Allen. Modeling aspects of vocal fold oscillations with validation of clinical data. Acoustical Society of America, 152nd Meeting, Honolulu, HI, 2006.
  • M.W. Muller, W. Lau, J.S. Allen, E.M. Wezensky, M.R. Barkely. Naval sonar marine mammal strandings and the bubble hypothesis, Acoustical Society of America, 151th Meeting, Providence, RI, 2006.
  • J.S. Allen, Y. Kaneko, S. Yoshizawa, Y. Matsumoto. Role of ultrasound contrast agent models, 146th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Austin, TX, 2003.
  • Y. Kaneko, S. Yoshizawa, J.S. Allen, Y. Matsumoto Dynamics of microbubbles for diagnostic ultrasound, IEEE-UFFC Symposium, Honolulu, HI, 2003.


Courses Offered

  • ME 311 Thermodynamics
  • ME 626 Viscous Flows
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