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Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

PhD 1992, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
DSc 2008, Moscow Aviation Institute


Contact Information

Phone (808) 956-2863


Research Interests

  • Autonomous guidance, navigation and control for aerospace systems
  • Advanced methods of estimation
  • Attitude determination and control
  • On-board mission design
  • Trajectory design and optimization
  • Analytical integration of canonical equations


Selected Publications

  1. Azimov, D.M. On One Case of Integrability of Atmospheric Flight Equations. AIAA Journal of Aircraft. 2011, V.48, No.5, pp.1722-1732.
  2. Azimov, D.M. Extremal Analytical Solutions for Intermediate-Thrust Arcs in the Newtonian Field. AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics. 2010, V.33, N.5, pp. 1550-1565.
  3. Azimov, D.M. Analytical Methods of Synthesis of Optimal Trajectories for Autonomous Space Guidance. Abstract of Dissertation for DSc. degree in Dynamics, Ballistics, and Flight Vehicle Control. Aerospace Technology. Moscow Aviation Institute. Printed at MAI. October 25, 2007. 35 p.
  4. Azimov, D.M. Two Classes of Extremal Trajectories of a Point’s Motion with Variable Specific Impulse. Journal of Automation and Remote Control. 2007. V.68. N.6.
  5. Azimov D.M. and Bishop R.H. Optimal Trajectories for Space Guidance. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 2005. N.1065, pp. 189-209.
  6. Azimov, D.M. Active Rocket Trajectory Arcs: A Review. Journal of Automation and Remote Control. 2005. V.66. N.11.
  7. Azimov, D.M. Active Legs of Extremal Trajectories in Linear Central Field. Journal of Automation and Remote Control. Springer Science. 2005, V.65. N.10, pp.1533-1551.
  8. Azimov, D.M. and Bishop R.H. Planetary Capture Using Constant Specific Impulse and Variable Power Propulsion. Advances in the Astronautical Sciences. 2003. V.115, pp. 291-308.


2017 NASA HESTEMP Project


Courses Offered

  • ME 651 Advanced Automatic Control Systems
  • ME 451 Feedback Control Systems
  • ME 696 Guidance, Navigation and Control
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