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Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

PhD 2012, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor





Contact Information


Research Interests

  • Kinetic Theory for non-equilibrium Gas Dynamics
  • Numerical algorithms for non-equilibrium flow at all Knudsen
    number: Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC), Molecular
    Dynamics (MD), Fokker Planck (FP), Low Diffusion (LD)
  • Hybrid computation for multiscale flow: FP-DSMC, LD-DSMC,
  • Supersonic/Hypersonic gas dynamics, Entry/re-entry problems
  • High altitude flow dynamics and plume science
  • Multiscale methods for micro/nano flows
  • Plasma dynamics, Electric Propulsion, and Space propulsion
  • Particle-laden (granular) flows


Selected Publications

  • E. Jun, M. Pfeiffer, L. Mieussens , H. Gorji, “A Comparative Study
    Between Cubic and Ellipsoidal Fokker-Planck Kinetic Models”,
    AIAA Journal 57(6) (2019): 2524-2533.
  • E. Jun, “Cubic Fokker-Planck-DSMC Hybrid Method for Rarefied
    Diatomic Gas Flow through a Slit and an Orifice”, Vacuum 159,
    125-133 (2019).
  • E. Jun, M. Grabe, K. Hannemann, “Cubic Fokker-Planck Method for
    Rarefied Monatomic Gas Flow through a Silt and an Orifice”,
    Computers and Fluids 175, 199-213 (2018).
  • E. Jun, H. Gorji, M. Grabe, K. Hannemann, “Assessment of the Cubic
    Fokker-Planck-DSMC Hybrid Method for Hypersonic Rarefied
    Flows Past a Cylinder”, Computers and Fluids 168, 1-13 (2018).
  • E. Jun, I.D. Boyd, “Assessment of the LD-DSMC Hybrid Method for
    Hypersonic Rarefied Flow”, Computers and Fluids 166, 123-138


Courses Offered

  • ME424 Introduction to Gas Dynamics
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