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Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

PhD 1994, Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Lisbon/IST, Portugal
PhD 2003, Mathematics, Technical University of Lisbon/IST, Portugal



Contact Information

Phone (808) 956-6579

Research Interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO)

Sample Projects

  • A Cellworks Optimization Method for Air Vehicle Design, PI, funded by AFOSR, 2015-2018, $463,886
  • Development and Application of a Biologically Inspired Methodology for the Optimized, Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Objective Design of Air Vehicles, Single-PI, funded by AFOSR, 2009-2012, $374,471
  • Physical and Genetic Mechanisms Guiding the Evolution and Development of Dendritic, Flapping Insect-Wings, PI, funded by AFOSR, 2007-2009, $265,000
  • Optimal Design of Micro-Channel Heat Sink Cooling Systems for Defense Electronic Devices, PI, funded by Trex Enterprises Corporation, 2005, $65,000.
  • Development and Application of Genetic Programming in Design and Optimization of Ultra-wideband Metamaterials, Co-PI, funded by NSF, 2013-2015, $214,632 (PI: M. Iskander, UH Manoa)
  • Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris, Co-PI, funded by NSF, 2010-2013, $974,561 (PI: H.R. Riggs, UH Manoa)
  • Instrumentation for Fabrication, Characterization and Experimental Validation of Micro Aerial Vehicles with Flexible Wings Based on Evolutionary Aeroelastic Optimization, Co-PI, funded by AFOSR, 2008, $500,000 (PI: J-Q Sun, UC Merced)
  • Hawaii Open Supercomputing Center, Director, funded by NIST, 2010-2011, $5,000,000
  • HEET: Modeling Reverse Vortex Flow, task PI, funded by ONR, 2011-2012, $97,179
  • Low Earth Orbit Nanosat Integrated Defense Autonomous System (LEONIDAS), Thermal Control Sub-system Lead, funded by the US Army, 2007-2010, $100,000

Selected Publications

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

  • JH Rayno, MF Iskander and MH Kobayashi (2016) “Hybrid Genetic Programming with Accelerating Genetic Algorithm Optimizer for 3D Metamaterial Design”, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (15) 1743–1746
  • RM Kolonay and MH Kobayashi (2015) “Topology, Shape, Sizing, Control Surface Optimization Using a Cellular Division Method”, AIAA Journal of Aircraft (52) 2051–2063
  • BK Stanford, PS Beran and MH Kobayashi (2013) “Simultaneous Topology Optimization of Membrane Wings and Their Compliant Flapping Mechanisms”, AIAA Journal (51) 1431–1441
  • HTC Pedro and MH Kobayashi (2011) “On a cellular division method for topology optimization”, International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering (88) 1175–1197

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • MH Kobayashi and JMC Pereira (2005) “A Computational Stream Function Method for Incompressible Viscous Flows”, International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering (62) 1950–1981
  • JMC Pereira, MH Kobayashi and JCF Pereira (2001) “A fourth order accurate finite volume compact scheme for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations”, Journal of Computational Physics (167) 217–243
  • MH Kobayashi (1999) “On a class of Padé finite volume methods”, Journal of Computational Physics (156) 137–180
  • MH Kobayashi, JMC Pereira and JCF Pereira (1999) “A conservative finite-volume second-order-accurate projection method on hybrid unstructured grids”, Journal of Computational Physics (150) 40–75

Fluid Mechanics

  • EA Lim, MH Kobayashi and CFM Coimbra (2014) “Fractional Dynamics of Tethered Particles in Oscillatory Stokes Flows”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (746) 606–625
  • EA Lim, CFM Coimbra and MH Kobayashi (2005) “Dynamics of Suspended Particles in Eccentrically Rotating Flows”,  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (535) 101–110
  • CFM Coimbra and MH Kobayashi (2002) “On the viscous motion of a small particle in a rotating cylinder”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (469) 257–286
  • LMBC Campos and MH Kobayashi (2000) “On the reflection and transmission of sound in a thick shear layer”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (424) 303–326

Dynamical Systems

  • M Chyba, MH Kobayashi, F Mercier, J Rader, G Telleschi and A Tamura-Sato (2011) “A new approach to modeling morphogenesis using control theory”, Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences (5) 281–315
  • G Terra and MH Kobayashi (2004) “On the Variational Mechanics with Non-linear Constraints”, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (85) 629–671
  • G Terra and MH Kobayashi  (2004) “On classical mechanical systems with non-linear constraints”, Journal of Geometry and Physics (49) 385–417
  • HMA Castro, MH Kobayashi and WM Oliva (2001) “Partially hyperbolic Σ-geodesic flows”, Journal of Differential Equations (169) 142–168

Courses Offered (semester refers to the last time taught)

  • ME 311 Thermodynamics, Fall 2017
  • ME 312 Applied Thermodynamics, Spring 2016
  • ME 322 Mechanics of Fluids, Spring 2018
  • ME 360 Computer Methods in Engineering, Spring 2018
  • ME 403 Advanced Mathematics for Engineering, Fall 2003
  • ME 404 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fall 2006
  • ME 419 Astronautics, Spring 2009
  • ME 480 Thermofluids Design, Fall 2006
  • ME 491 Introduction to Comparative Biomechanics, Fall 2009
  • ME 492 Aerodynamics, Spring 2017
  • ME 625 Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Fall 2011
  • ME 626 Viscous Flows, Fall 2013
  • ME 671 Continuum Mechanics, Spring 2011
  • ME 672 Finite Element Analysis, Spring 2017
  • ME 678 Advanced Dynamics, Fall 2005
  • ME 696 Advanced Aerodynamics, Fall 2006
  • ME 696 Comparative Biomechanics, Spring 2012
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