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Since Fall 2019, an accelerated BS/MS degree program has been offered through the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Department of Mechanical Engineering. The key aspect of this program is that up to 9 credits of specific technical electives taken as part of the BS degree can be “double-counted” as credit towards the MS degree. This enables completion of an MS in Mechanical Engineering within a single year following completion of the BS degree.

The BS in Mechanical Engineering is an ABET-accredited four-year degree with a single, general track in Mechanical Engineering. This program requires completion of 125 credits for graduation.

The MS in Mechanical Engineering is offered in three sub-disciplines:

  • Thermofluids,
  • Mechanics, and
  • Materials.

The MS program requires completion of 30 credits and includes both Plan A (thesis-based) and Plan B (non-thesis-based) options.

Example BS/MS academic plans are provided here:  BS/MS Example



  • The integrated BS/MS requires a total of 155 credits: 125 credits apply to the BS degree, 30 credits apply to the MS degree. Up to 9 credits are double-counted for both the BS and MS degrees.
  • The integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s (BS/MS, or BAM) program in Mechanical Engineering has the same ABET-accredited format of the current BS degree.
  • Students must pass a gateway class, ME 311 Thermodynamics, with a B or better grade in order to be eligible for admission to the accelerated BS/MS program.
  • Cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher at the time of application and through the conclusion of the BS program for candidate students to be admitted in the BS/MS program in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Only courses taken after admission to the program are eligible for double-counting.
  • Both Plan A and Plan B options for MS degree tracks are allowed.
  • Additional courses in excess of the 125 required for the BS and appropriate to the MS program may be applied to the MS degree by petition, but the number of allowed excess credits applied to the MS is limited to a maximum value of 14 minus the number of credits from the double-counted courses. (The UHM Graduate Division only allows up to 14 credits taken before completion of the BS degree to be applied to the MS degree, and the double-counted courses count toward this limit.)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s program can take up to three double-counted courses (9 credits), either all at the 600-level or two at the 600-level and one at the 400-level. Students must achieve a grade of B or better in courses that are to be double-counted.

The list of courses available for double-counting is as follows:

600 level:

  • ME 626 Viscous Flows,
  • ME 671 Continuum Mechanics, and/or
  • ME 696* Advanced Topics

400 level:

  • ME 434 Materials Selection for Design,
  • ME 446 Advanced Materials Manufacturing, or
  • ME 491* Special Topics

Descriptions of these courses may be found in the UH Mānoa course catalog here:

* ME 696 Advanced Topics and ME 491 Special Topics courses are taken with pre-approval of the BS/MS program coordinator, and only one section of each of these courses is allowed to be double-counted. To request pre-approval of a specific section of ME 696 or ME 491, a student should send an email message to the BS/MS program coordinator documenting the following:

  1. Explain how the specific section topic will complement the student’s interest for graduate studies.
  2. The student should also discuss whether they have found a potential MS program advisor and whether the advisor has approved of the proposed ME 696 or ME 491 section topic as supporting the student’s focus for graduate studies.




  • Students can apply to the BS/MS program when they have 1 or 2 semesters remaining for completion of their BS degrees.
  • Typically, this occurs after their fifth semester (junior year). Early admission to the BS/MS program occurs in the senior year.
  • Students in the BS/MS program should try to find an MS program advisor as soon as possible after enrolling in the BS/MS program, and preferably before they finish their BS degree.

Application Information

  • Students should submit the same application documents as applicants to the regular MS program.
  • Requirements for GRE scores and letters of recommendation are waived.
  • Students should have passed ME 311 Thermodynamics with a grade of B or better.
  • Cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher at the time of application.
  • Go to the following website for the application materials and more information about graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering at UH Mānoa:

Application Procedure

  1. Prospective candidates for the Mechanical Engineering BS/MS program should submit their UH ID number and an unofficial transcript to BS/MS program
    coordinator Asst. Prof. Joseph Brown:
  2. The BS/MS program coordinator will review the transcripts for the ME 311 and GPA requirements described above, to verify eligibility for the BS/MS program.
  3. The BS/MS program coordinator will send a memo including a list of names of students meeting these requirements to the Financial Aid, Registrar, and
    Graduate Student Services offices, and will inform the prospective BS/MS students to confirm that their names have been submitted.
  4. After students receive confirmation that their names have been submitted to these offices, they should apply to the Mechanical Engineering graduate program
    using the application here:
  5. The Graduate Division and Mechanical Engineering department review applications for final admission, and notify students of admission to the BS/MS program. Students may then take double-counted courses selected from the list above.
  6. Students in their last semester of their Bachelor’s degree must notify the BS/MS program coordinator of their double-counted courses and their expected graduation date.
  7. The BS/MS program coordinator sends an additional memo of “Projected Candidates for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering” to the Financial Aid, Registrar, and Graduate Student Services offices, informing these offices of the expected double-counted courses for BS/MS candidates that are completing their BS degrees.
  8. Immediately upon completion of the BS degree, the student becomes an MS graduate student, and can begin working towards requirements of the MS degree.



For further information or inquiries, the following resources and individuals are available:

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