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  • Thermal and fluid sciences – heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, biotechnology, alternative energy conversions, sustainability, boiling and two-phase flow, combustion, multidisciplinary design and analysis optimization, and high-performance computing;
  • Materials/manufacturing – nanotechnology, composite and smart structures, electrochemistry and corrosion, precision machining, and joining of dissimilar materials;
  • Mechanics, systems, and controls – robotics, mechanical design, mechatronics, control systems, dynamical systems, space and ocean science & exploration, biomedical engineering, rehabilitation engineering, and renewable energy systems.


Labs in ME


ME Faculty Research Facilities

  • acoustics
  • adaptive structures and devices
  • alternative energy conversions
  • autonomous systems
  • biomedical engineering
  • biotechnology
  • boiling and two-phase flow
  • combustion
  • composites manufacturing
  • computational fluid dynamics
  • control systems
  • corrosion and electrochemistry
  • mechanical design
  • dynamical systems
  • heat and mass transfer
  • high-performance computing
  • materials joining & manufacturing
  • mechatronics
  • multidisciplinary design and analysis optimization
  • nanotechnology
  • nanocomposites
  • precision machining
  • rehabilitation engineering
  • renewable energy systems
  • robotics & surgical robots
  • smart materials and intelligent structures
  • space and ocean science & exploration (UAV, UAS, AUV, etc.)
  • surface phenomena
  • sustainability
  • thermodynamics
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